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Product Category
 Belt conveyor roller
 The drum (roll) Series
   Galvanized drum
   No power roller
   Power (sprocket) drum
   Stainless steel drum
   Tapered roller
   Plastic bag, drum
   Pressure trough roller
 Miniature electric drum series
   The Φ50 miniature electric drum
   The Φ60 miniature electric drum
   The Φ76 electric roller
   The Φ113 electric roller
   The Φ130 electric drum
   The Φ165 electric drum
 Conveyor line series
   No power drum line
   Dynamic drum line
 Conveyor Parts Series
   Cup feet
   Universal ball
   Lai Fu wheel
   PVC conveyor
About Us
Wanxin Machinery Parts Factory, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, specializing in the production pipeline drum and industrial conveyor accessories manufacturers, the company has extensive experience in manufacturing high quality of its products, reliable quality, timely delivery, and are widely used in various types of machinery and equipment and automated assembly line enterprise. Factory but also for customers to develop the professional roller, bearings and all kinds of accessories, and the most preferential prices, the most honest service to the satisfaction of the new and old customers. The main products are: industrial assembly line, power roller, power roller, mine rollers, stainless steel drum, sprocket roller, belt line around the roller, PVC drum, drum product release, tapered roller, plastic bag roller, rubber roller, nylon Block dust roller, aluminum rollers, conveyor ladders and universal ball (bull’s-eye), the Fuk Loi wheel, foot cups, drum prop piece drum line, industrial
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Mobile phone: 13711498818
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1352258825 (Technology)
Address: Baiyun District of Guangzhou 
City Zhong Luo Tan Zhen Jin pen Cun 
Yong Fu Lu Yong Fu Industrial Zone No. 33
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Web site:
Unpowered rollers, plastic bag roller, sprocket roller, belt conveyor drum, no power drum line, assembly line rollers, tapered rollers, electric drum, stainless steel drum, power drum
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